Fun for the Little Ones

Kids seem to always be on the move. When they have one slow moment, the words “I’m bored” are heard by those around them. Boredom can be avoided if you keep their day fun and entertaining, and for a bonus, they sleep well at night.


One popular place for the kids would be Pier Park, but one attraction in particular would entertain all ages of video game lovers, XD Darkride. There are three different rides to choose from, all at reasonable prices.

For the kids that can’t sit still, there are other places to visit, such as Coconut Creek Family Fun Park. They have two 18-hole mini-golf courses that will take you on a journey through an African safari. There is also the Gran Maze that will help grow one’s directional skills. Not only are these attractions fun and energy filled, but they also have reasonable ticket prices with kids under the age of six being free!

FunHave an animal lover among you? Don’t forget to look out for dolphin tours. Water Planet actually encourages parents to bring their kids. They believe it will help to influence the children’s behavior toward wildlife and natural resources in a positive manner. However, there is more to see than just dolphin tours. There is also Zoo World. Here they can meet different animals, such as tigers, giraffes, iguanas, and more. There are even ways to have a close experience with some of the animals, like an encounter with a sloth or holding an alligator.

Let’s not forget the beach! With water, sand, and seashells, the kids can play all day. Even getting dirty by being covered in sand is acceptable here.

Time to Eat!

Just because it’s time to eat doesn’t mean the fun has to end. With Funland Arcade & Snackbar, the fun never has to end! After filling your tummies with some much needed food, you can have some more fun at the arcade. Not in the arcade mood? That’s okay. There are other family friendly places to eat, such as Captain Jack’s Family Buffet. With places like these, you won’t need to worry about being hungry for long.

With so many entertaining places, the words “I’m bored” shouldn’t be heard for miles.

Share a Taxi – Global Warming ya know!

Although many claim the debate about climate change still rages, there probably isn’t much doubt in the mind of most people, that obviously man can impact the environment of which he is steward, and also lives in. That’s why over the decades, many conscientious people choose to walk, bike and of course— share rides. Obviously the taxi Industry didn’t spring up from anything to do with the environment, only a necessity for those that could not afford vehicles, or lived in cities where owning a vehicle is simply inconvenient. As you know taxis aren’t the best solution in rural areas!

Share a Ride

Anyway… taxis can be a good solution and are perfect for tourist travel, especially here on the beach. Pile in a few folks, and a lively ride later you are to your destination, whether that’s Capt. Jacks, or even Los Rancheros (Bout the only choice for Mexican on the beach, other than Chipotle in Pier Park.) No doubt there’s plenty of places to go in Bay county, on any of the so-called, “Beach Roads.” There’s Back Beach, the infamous, “Front Beach Road” and of course, the less-used and renamed, “Middle Beach Road.”

So Share a Ride!

Rembember on your next trip to PCB and as you’re traveling down any of the above roads— Make sure you are checking things out because there are plenty of cool little places tucked into alcoves on the East side or the West End. But you may miss out on all these because the reasons we are all here! The sky, surf and the laid-back lifestyle. Considering moving to Panama City Beach? We transport local all the time, while trying to make it convenient for people to book online, just hit up the menu item. You can even schedule your ride share/taxi in advance on, right here on our site.

Enjoy the links, those are 3 of the most popular restaurants in all of the Emerald Coast, and of course they are low, and medium-price spots, and you usually get plenty to eat. Thanks for reading our blog – Lemon Taxi

Places to go – People to see

If you’ve never been to Panama City Beach (AKA the Emerald Coast) and are planning a trip here soon, you should probably recognize, and know a few things about traveling to Bay County Florida!

  • People are in more of a hurry than you might think!
  • Traffic can be very dense.
  • There’s so much to do, you can never do it all! (Or can you???)
  • We are actually a pretty small town!
  • Our infrastructure is bursting at the seems to support all the tourism we see and experience.
  • Take a taxi whenever and wherever you can because parking at exclusive restaurants and bars can be limited, especially for those hot spots on Front Beach Rd.

Traveling to Panama City Beach

Of course Lemon Taxi has a few resources online via our blog and resource pages, such as local flight info, and more detailed information about local hotspots— so that’s one way we try to assist users looking for a reliable local taxi service. You can use our site to help plan your trip and even book a ride online, just use the menu or any of the reserve now links.

We certainly try to be as helpful as possible, and give our customers more than they pay for with a great value, and online booking discount, and even other discounts for Military, etc. There’s so much going on at the beach this year that you should have a great guide, especially if you’ve never visited before! We have many new hotels being built beach-front, additions to Pier Park, including Pier Park West, and new restaurants to eat at, so that will keep you happy even if you’ve been to PCB a thousand times! We ask that you allow Lemon to help you get around this busy little down, especially at the height of Spring Break, or in the middle of your summer vacation.

In closing, we want to communicate that you will have a great time if you take the hassle our of your vacation by booking your travel and transportation needs in advance!

Thanks for visiting!

Valentines Day Rides

Love is in the Air! (Valentines day 2017)

Valentines Day 2017

Valentines Day 2017 is right around the corner, and approaching quickly. You should definitely make sure you and your loved one arrive in style to your destination and back home safely this Valentines Day! Enjoy some wine, roses, chocolates and a nice romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant with your honey.

Lemon Taxi would love the opportunity to drive you and your love on Valentines Day to your posh destination of choice, and ensure you get to and from somewhere fun on this special day, which only comes one time every year. Lemon Taxi consistently provides clean vehicles, including passenger vans, luxury taxis and even opulent town-cars for trips around town or to and from special occasions such as this. Make sure to reserve your ride today. You can book in advance! With friendly drivers, we will make sure you are comfortable wherever you have to go!

Valentines Day RidesWhatever plans you are making, you should make them quickly. You might need reservations, and oh yeah- Don’t scrimp on the gift. There’s only 18400 seconds in a day, so make the most of that day, and every chance you have to express the love in your heart! There’s certainly no shortage of romantic things to do in Panama City Beach, and plenty of great restaurants, shops, or whatever. You can take a romantic walk on the beach, or plan something else they won’t soon forget. Just remember, whatever your plan is, you have to have reliable transportation, and let us do the driving so you can focus all your attention on that special someone.

Thanks from Lemon Taxi!

Spring Break Transportation

Let’s talk about spring break, and all the fun things you can be doing when you come to the sunny shores of Panama City Beach, FL for a much-needed break.

Whether you are in high school, a college student, or a busy parent, odds are you really need the break! Christmas is over, the New Year’s bell has been rung at that point, and summer rapidly approaches! You can oil yourself up and lay on the beach, of course it can still be a little cool, but this year the cold has not been present at all in FL, so more than likely you will be able to get a tan, swim and enjoy all types of water sports.

Likely though, you are here to party, do some drinking, whether in your room, or in the bars and clubs like Club La Vela or Spinnakers, so we wanted to remind you that you should be doing that drinking responsibly during spring break and take a taxi when you know you are going to be consuming! Sure we want to pick you up from the airport, and we even have a page that can help you learn more about your flights!

We try to make booking a ride as easy as possible, and are reliable and on time with a clean fleet of beautiful, comfortable taxis.

So be sure to come, take in all our beautiful community has to offer tourists, the beach, the clubs, bars, and great restaurants. There’s plenty of shopping, if you want to acquire some new beachwear, or souvenirs to send or bring back to your friends in the frozen north! (Won’t they be jealous when you show back up tan!) Just please… when you need a ride after a night of revelries, don’t drive, give Lemon a call, or book online to be sure that you’re taking a safe ride home during your spring break.

Thanks from Lemon!

Happy New Year 2017!

Be Safe Ringing in the New Year 2017

New Year’s Eve 2017 is right around the corner! Everyone will be celebrating in their own way and to some that means consuming mass amounts of alcoholic drinks. Celebrate in style this year and reserve a ride online with Lemon Taxi for a ride to your party and back home after ALL the celebrating is over. Lemon Taxi allows you to book in advance, and a return tip as well. That’s when the discount for online booking kicks in.

So don’t be out there celebrating what’s to come in 2017, without making sure you have a safe and reliable ride home!

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Merry Christmas from Lemon PCB!